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Top 5 Benefits of Auto Insurance for Muscle Cars

When you own a classic muscle car, the last thing that should be on your mind is insurance. That said, if you do want to drive your baby to the next car show or even drive it around an average day, you’ll need at least some kind of insurance coverage. Getting vintage (classic) auto insurance for muscle cars might seem like a daunting task, with many companies not even offering it. However, you can’t deny the benefits of having a muscle car insurance policy.

Top 5 Benefits of Auto Insurance for Muscle Cars.

1. Paid for Coverage with Discounts

One reason why you should get vintage (classic) auto insurance for muscle cars is that it will be paid for by your insurance company. This means that you’ll get discounts for having multiple policies under the same provider, such as classic car and motorcycle insurance coverage.

2. No Capital Gains Tax when Selling your Muscle Car

Another reason to consider getting muscle car insurance is not only to drive your baby in style, but because it’s tax deductible! As long as you use your muscle car for business purposes, then the depreciation related to it will be tax deductible.

3. Loss of Use Coverage

If something happens to your classic vehicle and you can no longer use it, it’s likely that your vintage auto insurance policy will also cover the loss of use coverage. This means that you’ll have some sort of compensation for the time you can’t use your muscle car. A good example would be if you have to take it to a mechanic.

4. Coverage while Driving other Classic Cars

Another reason why vintage (classic) auto insurance for muscle cars is worth having is because it provides coverage while driving other classic vehicles that are not your own. This means that you’ll be covered while driving your classic car to a car show, but also while driving another classic vehicle to the same event. It will be important for your insurance provider to know what you’re doing with all of your classics because this coverage expires as soon as you go back to only using one vehicle.

5. Coverage when Driving your Old Clunker

Last, but certainly not least, another reason why having vintage (classic) auto insurance for muscle cars is a good idea is that it provides coverage when driving your clunker. If you’re still driving around an old sedan or something similar and just want to protect yourself from other drivers on the road, then getting a modern car insurance policy for your old car is a good idea.

When is the best time to get my vintage car insurance?

As soon as possible is always the answer. If you have a muscle car that’s worth more than $5,000, then it usually makes sense to start looking for an insurance policy. However, since most insurers require an inspection of your vehicle, it might be better if you have a mechanic request one for you. This way, you might find out that your car is worth more than initially thought and get paid what it’s actually worth if anything happens to it.

How much does vintage (classic) auto insurance for muscle cars cost?

Insurance premiums will vary based on your chosen vehicle and the area where you live. However, this is one of those cases where higher deductibles can lower your bill. Make sure to compare prices before committing for a certain amount of time. You might also have the option to simply insure your vehicle without this loss of use coverage and choose to self-insure in case something happens. If you need help, use an insurance comparison tool like Insurance Nerds.

What’s the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost?

Actual cash value is the price of your vehicle minus depreciation after you drive it off the dealer lot. Replacement cost is how much it would cost for an insurance company to replace your vehicle today.

Do I need to get a separate rider or can my insurer include it?

It honestly depends on your insurance company and the coverage you have. Many insurers will provide this option so that you can pay an additional amount to cover this loss of use coverage while your vehicle is being repaired after an accident. However, some insurers will actually provide this coverage automatically so you don’t need to get a separate rider.

Where do I look for a reputable vintage (classic) auto insurance provider?

Fortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to finding an insurance company that specializes in vintage (classic) auto insurance for muscle cars. You can check out the website Insurance Nerds and use their tool to find lower rates based on your personal profile. Another option would be to speak with either your current car insurance provider or getting in touch with an independent agent that specializes in insuring classic cars.

What Really Matters Is

I hope this article has helped you find peace of mind with the right auto insurance for your muscle car. If it hasn’t, comment below and let me know what else you need to know about it!

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