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How to Get Insurance For a Crotch Rocket Motorcycle

So you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a beauty of a crotch rocket motorcycle and now want to know how to get insurance for it.

This article will guide you through the processes of getting your motorcycle insured.

1) Notify Your Current Insurance Provider

This may seem obvious, but it’s more important than you think! You need to tell your current insurance provider if you are buying a new bike or selling one. If they do not know, then there is no insurance coverage on that vehicle while you have it registered in your name. This means you cannot get a plate for the motorcycle, and cannot ride it on the road.

2) Decide Whether You Need Motorcycle Insurance

If this is your first time getting insurance on a motorcycle, you should know that all provinces require certain types of coverage to be legally allowed to ride the motorcycle. Even if you don’t plan on driving your bike now or ever, you need to cover yourself in case of an accident.

3) Know What You Need To Ride Your Motorcycle

Each province has different insurance requirements and therefore different insurances required for operating a motorcycle.

British Columbi If your motorcycle is not from B.C., it must have a green coloured Insurance Identification Card from your home province for your motorcycle to be allowed on the roads of BC.

Alberta: In Alberta, there are no provincial requirements as long as you have a valid motorcycle license and insurance policy that is valid in Alberta. An out-of-province motorcycle does not, however, have to be registered in Alberta.

Parts of Canada: In Saskatchewan and Manitoba you will need a valid M license or your home license from your province/territory as well as a green card just like B.C. Quebec doesn’t require a separate motorcycle policy, but it does require that you have a valid M1 or M2 license to ride a motorcycle.

4) Insurance Coverage Is Your Responsibility

Even if you let your insurance expire, it is still your responsibility to make sure there is valid insurance on the vehicle. If you are stopped by the police and your bike does not have a current green card, then you will be fined at least $250 and your bike will be impounded.

5) Apply For A New Motorcycle Insurance Policy

If you’ve decided to get motorcycle insurance, it’s time to apply! Visit your website and find the correct application for your type of bike and driver license. Fill out the questionnaire as best as possible and submit it to them by email or fax.

Once they have your application, they will contact you to give you the next steps in getting your new policy.

Does my crotch rocket motorcycle need insurance?

Yes, all provinces require motorcycles to be insured. Even if you choose not to ride it (or never plan on riding), you still must have valid motorcycle insurance in the name of the registered owner.

Do crotch rockets need M1 or M2 licenses to ride?

No, crotch rockets only require a valid motorcycle license. If crotch rockets didn’t have their own license, it wouldn’t be able to ride on roads because all crotch rockets must be registered and insured.

What kind of coverage do crotch rockets need?

Each province has different requirements for crotch rocket insurance, you must check the regulations for your area before registering it.

Does this mean my crotch rocket is unregisterable?

Yes, unregistered crotch rockets cannot be operated on any public road in Canada. It does not matter if it is insured or not.

Will my crotch rocket motorcycle be covered under my car insurance?

No, crotch rocket motorcycles are not covered under car insurance. Car insurance does not apply to crotch rockets and vice versa. You do need a separate policy for each type of vehicle.

What happens if I don’t have motorcycle insurance?

If you’re stopped by the police and don’t have motorcycle insurance, your crotch rocket will be impounded and you’ll be fined at least $250.

As You Can See

Comment below and share your thoughts. Have you had any experience with crotch rocket insurance? What are the most important factors to consider when getting motorcycle insurance? Do you have any recommendations on how to get an affordable premium for a crotch rocket bike?

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