Flood Insurance in Georgia: How to Get It and What Is It Anyway?

In the last century, Georgia has experienced some of the worst floods in its history. Floods can be devastating to a family and their property. This article will explain what flood insurance is, how much it costs in Georgia, who offers it in Georgia, and how you can get it for your home or business.

Worst flood history in Georgia

In September of 2009, a 500-year flood swept through Georgia. The rain resulted in 10 deaths and $500 million dollars worth of damage to the area’s homes, businesses, schools – every other building for that matter. 20 thousand people were displaced from their homes because they either had no place to live or all their belongings washed away with the current.

After a spring 2009 flood in southern Georgia brought federal disaster declarations to 46 counties, residents of the region found themselves struggling with water damage and needing assistance.

In 1998, severe storms brought flooding to areas across the entire state. The water consumed 119 counties in Georgia and many lives were lost.

Private insurers are your second best option when it comes to flood insurance. The National Flood Insurance Program is the most common type of policy in Georgia and covers $684 on average annually per customer, but thankfully if you’re not at risk for flooding then no worries!

How to get flood insurance in Georgia?

Flood insurance in Georgia is essential to protect your family and belongings from the financial benefits of a flood. Without NFIP, we could be left with nothing if disaster were to strike our homes due to flooding! The rates for this type of coverage are regulated by National Flood Insurance Program which ensures that you can afford it no matter what.

The NFIP is a federal program that protects homeowners and other property owners from the financial losses caused by flooding.

“Not all properties qualify for coverage, so it’s worth comparing private policies if need arises.” It can be understandable to hesitate when purchasing flood insurance because your agent might ask you for proof of elevation before issuing quotes.

How much does flood insurance cost in Georgia?

The cost of flood insurance can change depending on where you live, the building materials used to construct your home and how often it floods. For example in Glynn County marshes $684 is average but that could be more expensive if located near a body of water or less expensive for someone who lives at higher elevation with no nearby flooding risks.

RankCityPolicies in ForceAverage Coverage LimitAverage Premium
8Tybee Island2638$246,787$971
4Richmond Hill2264$284,481$547
3St. Marys1744$288,025$516

Flood insurance can be a necessary part of homeownership, but the prices vary depending on where you live. For example, in Kingsland it costs $372 every year to protect your house with an average coverage up to about $273K while Albany averages at over twice that price point and only offers half as much ($195k).

The proximity of flood zones to water creates a problem for homeowners – with the cheaper rates also come higher risks. While you might save money on insurance, natural disasters are more likely to occur and destroy your home if it’s near an ocean or river.

Flood insurance companies in Georgia

As a homeowner, you have to take the time and be diligent when it comes to shopping around for your flood insurance. Just because one company says they offer the lowest rates doesn’t mean that is true!

In the heat of summer, it’s not unheard-of for people in Georgia to think about the weather. But while some may have thoughts like “hot and humid” or even “humid,” there are other things that Georgians do on a daily basis but might be less familiar with – such as keeping an eye out for floods! With its many inland water ecosystems that stretch from Savannah all the way up north past Atlanta into Carroll County, FEMA has approved 21 different insurers who sell flood insurance policies throughout GA by law (plus companies outside of state).

  •     Prudential Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
  •     American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida
  •     Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Co.
  •     Omaha Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
  •     American National Property and Casualty
  •     Selective Insurance Company of America
  •     American Modern Home Insurance Co.
  •     The Philadelphia Contributionship
  •    American Reliable Insurance Co.
  •     Fidelity and Deposit Companies
  •     Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
  •     Vesta Fire Insurance Corp.
  •     First Community Insurance
  •     Allstate Insurance Co.
  •     Bankers Insurance Co.
  •     Auto-Owners Insurance
  •     Unisun Insurance Co.
  •     Travelers Insurance
  •     The Hartford
  •  Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
  •     State Farm Fire and Casualty Co.

Floods happen in Georgia more often than any other state. The highest risk of flood damage is found near the border with Alabama and Tennessee, where floods from hurricanes like Hurricane Katrina have been known to cause significant property loss. In order to protect your home or business against this type of disaster, you should purchase a policy for insurance coverage before it’s too late! Be sure to ask about deductibles and how much the premium will cost when comparing quotes; different companies may offer slightly higher or lower rates depending on their offerings (and they all vary by location). I want you to feel as confident as possible that your personal financial security has not been compromised after reading this post – so please reach out if you need help getting started!

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