8 Tips to Get Great Deals on Electric Car Insurance Yes Ensure

8 Tips to Get Great Deals on Electric Car Insurance

Even though an electric car will likely be cheaper to operate, it does not mean that the insurance will also be cheaper. If anything, electric cars may end up costing more due to their large risk of theft and high reliability ratings. Despite this possible increase in cost, there are many ways a consumer can get great deals on electric car insurance.

8.  Ask for Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who are under a certain age, have taken defensive driving courses or own homes with security systems. If the consumer meets any of these qualifications, it would be wise to inquire about an electric car-specific discount– it could save them big money in the long run on their policies.

7.  Go Online to Compare Quotes

There are many websites that offer free comparisons of electric car insurance rates from numerous companies in the consumer’s area. By filling out only a few details, these sites will provide quotes for several different types of coverage and tell the driver which company has the best deal. The added bonus with this method is that the consumer is not limited to local companies– any insurance company can be used in these plans.

6.  Ask about Payment Plans

Most people don’t think about how they will afford their car insurance until it comes time to pay for it each month, and by then it’s too late! Companies like GEICO and USAA will let the consumer set up a monthly plan to make payments for their electric car insurance. The amount of money saved by this type of payment plan will be well worth any additional effort it takes to make the payments on time each month.

5.  Shopping Around Never Hurts

Even though electric car insurance will generally cost more than standard car insurance, a little research can go a long way. By shopping around and comparing quotes online, the driver can make sure they are getting the best deal possible on their coverage– which means more savings for them in the long run.

4.  Bundle Policies with Other Services

Some electric car drivers will find that bundling policies is a quick way to save money. By bundling their electric car insurance with their home, life or renter’s policy, the driver will usually get discounts that are exclusive for each type of coverage. The savings can be quite significant if all three types of policies are bundled together– just another reason why it pays to shop around!

3.   Consider Discounts for Good Grades

Many insurance companies will offer discounts to drivers who have good grades in school. Even if the driver is not currently enrolled in school, many companies will accept a report card from their high school or college days as proof that they at least made it through middle and high school! Drivers should be sure to mention this discount to any company they are considering getting a quote from, as it could save them hundreds of dollars each year.

2.  Take Advantage of Technology

Specifically, the “Snapshot” technology that Progressive electric car insurance offers is a great way to get discounts and lower rates. The driver installs a small device in their car and then plugs it in as usual, and after three months they will receive a new policy with updated rates. This is also a great way for the consumer to see how their driving habits affect the price of their coverage– which could lead to even more savings!

1.  Ask about Discounts for Driving Logs

A lot of electric car insurance companies will give a discount to drivers who have a safe driving record and provide proof of their good habits. The driver, for example, could save money if they have well-maintained records from the past few years that show that they rarely use their car’s brakes or drive at high speeds. Electric car insurance companies recognize that these motorists are less likely to get into accidents, so they reward them with lower premiums.

How can I tell if a quoted rate is already the lowest possible price?

It’s easy to compare quotes from different companies with websites like InsuranceQuotes.com . When you enter your driver’s information and wireless device, the site will provide a list of rates from various companies in seconds.

Are there any discounts available for electric car insurance?

Yes, many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have good grades in school. They will usually take a report card from the last few years and use that as proof that you were able to graduate high school or college.

What should I look for when buying car insurance?

Before you sign up with an insurance company, make sure they offer roadside assistance and towing services . This way, if something happens to your electric vehicle, you’ll have help getting it fixed as quickly as possible.

Does bundling my car insurance with other types of policies really save me money?

Yes! Insurance companies realize that electric car drivers have a lower risk factor, so they offer discounts for bundling their policies together. For example, if you bundle your home, renter’s and electric car insurance together with the same company, you could save hundreds of dollars each year.

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With these 8 tips, you should know all the basics to get started with electric car insurance. We hope this has been helpful and we welcome your feedback below!

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