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8 Easy Steps to Car Insurance for your Full size Sedans

Your first visit to an insurance company for your new car can be quite frustrating. The process of getting your own policy is very similar to trying to purchase auto-insurance online. You must take some time to educate yourself on the car insurance system, and know how it works, what you are entitled to under law, and most importantly build a relationship with an insurance provider that you can trust.

1. Researching all of the major car insurance companies is essential

There are many smaller less reputable companies out there, these are also known as “cheap-o’s”. Always ensure that you have done your research about a company before you sign any kind of agreement. A good insurance provider will always have testimonials from previous clients that can help you to determine if they are right for you.

2. You must provide all required documents when purchasing car insurance

Although most companies offer 24/7 support, this does not mean that it is acceptable to call your insurance premium in at 3 A.M. You must be prepared to provide every bit of information that the company requires right from the start, otherwise you will waste valuable time.

3. Your preferred payment method should be a direct withdrawal from your bank account

An unfortunate part of life is that all financial institutions have a policy which states that they will require at least 30 days to process any refund requests. This means that if you are entitled to a refund for services rendered, the insurance provider will not be able to provide it immediately, and thus your premium will increase causing you extra stress.

4. Insurance companies should not provide you with any hidden costs

Any professional company should be more than happy to provide you with a complete list of all of the rates that apply to your particular situation. Hidden costs and extra fees will only increase the cost of your premiums and cause financial distress.

5. A good car insurance company should be able to help you find discounts

There are many type of discount available for drivers, such as: – Good student discount – Multi car discount – Multi policy discount – Multi vehicle discount

6. Discounts are entirely dependent on your previous driving record

Good drivers who have clean records are entitled to receive discounts on their premiums, while less desirable drivers will find it difficult or impossible to get low rates. Always keep in mind that the type of incident you have had will have a marked impact on the level of your rates.

7. The car you drive will also have an effect on your insurance rate

The type of vehicle that you tend to buy has a direct reflection on the kind of driver that you are, and factors such as speed and power will all be taken into account when calculating your premiums. Always keep in mind that you can get lower rates by purchasing a car that is not considered to be an “entry level” model.

8. Your age will also play a major role in your insurance premiums

Generally speaking, the older you are the more responsibility you have, and thus the less likely you are to cause any issues with insurance providers or law enforcement agencies.

What are some good resources for finding good insurance companies?

The only way to find a reputable company is by doing your research. Do not trust advertisements or search engine results, always use testimonials and recommendations.

What are some of the best car brands for young drivers?

Vehicles such as Kia and Hyundai tend to be very inexpensive regardless of your age, so they are ideal for new drivers. Always look around at different makes and models before making a decision however because not all cars will give you the best rates.

Should I change my driving habits in order to get better rates?

Even if you are a perfect driver with an impeccable record, you still need to keep your insurance company happy. Always abide by their rules and regulations so that you can receive the most favorable rates possible.

How can discounts be applied?

No matter how good your driving record is, there are always ways to improve it so that you can receive more discounts on your premiums. By taking courses or completing community service you can upgrade your status, which will have the effect of lowering your rates.

Is it better to pay monthly or yearly?

Making one payment at a time reduces the possibility of any hidden costs being added to your premiums. If you are prepared to make larger payments then it may be possible for you to save a bit of money on your premiums.

What should you do if you need an immediate refund?

If you have privacy concerns about phoning your insurance company, you can always ask to have your refund issued by mail. It may take some time but it is the safest way of ensuring that you will actually receive your money back.

Last But Not Least

Comment below and share your thoughts! Have you taken advantage of the 8 easy steps to car insurance for your full size sedans? If not, why not? We can help you get a quote from an agent today if this is something that interests you.

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