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7 Reasons to Get Targa Top Insurance

The targa top is a removable panel on some cars that allow passengers to experience open air driving. Some of these panels are not weather proof, which makes this impractical for Canadian drivers in the winter time, but it is incredibly fun during the summer months. If you own one of these models, there are many good reasons why you may want to get targa top insurance. Here are some of the best reasons to get targa top insurance:

1. It’s Safer for Other Drivers on the Road

If you have a convertible car, it is easier for other drivers to see you because they can see your head above the roofs of other cars around you. If you have a car with a targa top, it is harder for other drivers to see you because your head can be blocked by the roof. If they cannot see you, it is easier for them to crash into you because they do not know where you are or what direction your car is facing.

2. Targa Tops Are Safer During Cold Weather

During the winter, it is safer to have a roof because you can easily slip and fall on ice or snow. If the roads are very icy, having a targa top means that you could slip and fall into your car while entering or exiting it if there is no roof in place.

3. Targa Tops Are Safer for Children

Children are generally smaller than adults, which means that it is harder for them to see over a targa top or convertible’s roof. If they do not have a view of the road ahead of them, it makes it easier for them to miss a car in front of you and get hit by it. If there was no roof on your car, it would be very easy for a child to fall out of your car and get hit by another driver or walker because they cannot see them.

4. Targa Tops Are Safer for Pets

If you have a pet, it is probably much safer for them to ride in the car without a targa top during winter or during icy weather. If you have a pet that is small enough, they could slip and fall through the windshield if it was not there. However, larger pets can easily escape out of an open window or door, which makes having a targa top safer for them during cold or stormy weather.

5. Targa Tops Are Safer for Spills

Many people enjoy drinking coffee, tea, or another hot beverage while they are driving. If you have a targa top or convertible car without a windshield, there is nothing stopping your drink from spilling all over the place. It could cover up your view of the road ahead of you and it could cause your vehicle to skid short distances if you lose control of the steering wheel.

6. Targa Tops Are Safer for Construction Zones

Construction zones are especially dangerous to drive through because they are very crowded, there are lots of construction workers out on the road with huge vehicles that can easily crash into your car or truck, and lanes may be reduced or closed off entirely. If you have a targa top, it is safer for you because there is less of a chance that other drivers will not be able to see your head and know where you are.

7. Targa Tops Are Safer in All Weather Conditions

Construction zones, heavy rain or snow storms, and cold weather can all make driving much more dangerous. It is a lot safer to have a roof on your car or truck because it means that you will be harder for other drivers to see and they will not know where you are going. Having a targa top can make all types of weather conditions much safer for Canadian drivers because you won’t slip and fall, lose control over your vehicle, become distracted from other drivers, or have your car crushed.

How much does targa top insurance cost?

It depends on your vehicle, the value of it, how experienced you are as a driver, and what company you choose to work with. The cheapest targa top car insurance rates can be found through Aviva or Intact Insurance.

Can I put a targa top on my car?

Whether or not you can put a targa top on your vehicle depends entirely on the model of your car or truck, but it is very possible that you can. There are many different manufacturers of targa tops, including Volkswagen, Honda, Jeep, Dodge, Audi, Nissan and others. You can find out more about them online or talk to your mechanic to find out whether or not it is possible on your model vehicle.

What states or provinces can you drive without a targa top?

You are allowed to drive in all 50 states and provinces with a targa top. However, there are only 9 provinces where you would be required to have your targa top on, which is mostly because of inclement weather conditions. If you live elsewhere, having the targa top off is completely fine and you aren’t likely to get caught by police.

How long does a targa top take to install or take off?

You can have a targa top installed in about an hour with the right tools, but it is easier to have someone who is experienced do it for you. Taking one off is much easier in most cases because all you have to do is undo some bolts and lift it out of place.

In Light Of These Facts

We’ve given you 7 reasons to get Targa Top insurance. But there are many more! What are some of the main reasons why it’s important for you to have car insurance? Comment below and share your thoughts with us. We want to hear from our readers about what is most important when it comes to auto coverage, so let us know in the comments section below!

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