7 Benefits of Buying Insurance for Your Van

7 Benefits of Buying Insurance for Your Van

Safety is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a new van. There are many different kinds of insurance policies that can be purchased to protect your vehicle, but what is the best option for you?

In this blog post, we will discuss 7 benefits of purchasing insurance for your van.

1. Protect your family and any passengers you have in your van.

Your van is a big investment, both monetarily and emotionally. The size of the average van means that it can comfortably seat six people without feeling cramped. Families love vans because they are able to take everyone out for trips or to events together. With that being said, your whole family is in danger if your van ever breaks down or gets into an accident.

2. Protect your cargo.

In addition to transporting people, vans are great for moving cargo from point A to point B as well. Having your cargo stolen from your van due to lack of insurance could cost you a fortune. Most carriers will give you a discount if you insure your van for both people and property.

3. Ensure peace of mind.

When you know that your family, contents, and vehicle are protected, it is much easier to let go of any worries or concerns that you may have about them while their out of sight. Knowing that if anything were to happen to your van or its contents, you won’t be on the hook for a large bill can give you peace of mind.

4.  Warranties can be nullified by lack of insurance.

Most warranties require you to have full coverage on an item to be valid. If your warranty is not purchasing you are paying for repairs out of pocket, consider getting a new warranty if your van does not have insurance on it!

5. Get discounts on future car purchases.

 Some insurance agencies will offer van owners reduced rates on future car purchases if they have a recognizable record of being insured. It is also not uncommon for insurance companies to give you a discount on your monthly premium if you bundle your car and home insurance policies together under the same carrier.

6. Cover repair costs after an accident.

Having insurance on your van means that you are not responsible for the cost of repairs if there is an accident. You can feel safe knowing that, should anything happen to your van, you will not be stuck footing the bill for repairs without any help from your insurance carrier.

7. Legal defense against false accusations.

Accidents happen all the time, and it is never the other driver’s fault, right? Wrong. We all know that accidents can happen quickly. Insurance carriers will help you hire a legal team to defend your case in court if there are any false accusations levied against you after an accident.

I’ve already got a policy on my van, does it need to be insured again?

If you have full coverage insurance, your current policy should suffice. Just make sure that your carrier offers coverage for both people and property damage!

Will I get a discount on my car insurance rate for having full coverage?

Many people do not realize that having full coverage on their van actually gives them a discount on their car insurance rate. Many companies will give van owners over the age of 55 a 10%-30% discount if they are insured for both people and property damage!

I don’t own any property other than my van. Should I still buy cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance is optional, but there are some insurance carriers that will give you a discount if you have it on your van. Do some research so you can find out which carrier is the best fit for your needs!

Will I receive a discount if I bundle my home and auto insurance policies with the same company?

You should definitely ask your insurance carrier if they offer a discount on bundling your policies. Many companies do, and it can save you hundreds of dollars each year!

In The Main

We hope you found the information above to be helpful in your decision-making process. If so, comment below and share what benefit of insurance was most important or surprising for you!

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