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5 Steps to Claim Insurance for Limousine

In the unfortunate event that your limo is involved in an accident, you want to be sure that you have a valid insurance claim against either your own or the other party’s carrier.

While many aspects of a personal injury case depend on individual circumstances, there are some general guidelines to follow when filing a particular type of insurance claim –one involving a limousine.

The following are five steps you should take if your limo is the subject of an accident claim:

1) Call the Police and Exchange Information

Your first step should be to call the police after an accident. Have them come by and secure the scene, taking photos if necessary for evidence purposes. Make sure you tell them to document any visible injuries. Once the police have left, go over all of the important information with your driver or other passengers if necessary, including names, phone numbers and contact information.

2) Take Pictures

Take pictures of the vehicle before anything is moved or cleaned up. These photos should include everything that was broken or damaged, including the interior and exterior of the limo, as well as a shot or two of each passenger.

3) Get a Signed Affidavit from Your Driver

Make sure that your driver signs a written statement about what happened before he leaves the scene. This can be used later on down the road to corroborate his story.

4) Obtain Written Statements from Other Passengers

In some cases, it may be necessary to send a letter or make a phone call asking passengers for signed statements of their account of the accident. It is always advisable to get everyone’s contact information at the scene of the accident in case you need more detailed stories later on. These written statements are important evidence because they can corroborate the driver’s story.

5) Obtain a Report from Your Mechanic

If your limo has to be towed after an accident, insist that the mechanic take photos of any damage or interior defects that may give you recourse regarding insurance claims. The mechanic’s report should also include details about what was wrong with the limo.

Finally, keep in mind that insurance companies may deny your claim if you fail to file certain required paperwork, ask for potentially relevant information or witnesses, or fail to deliver requested documentation. It’s important to work with an experienced attorney who understands the ins and outs of accident claims involving limousines.  

Where can I find an insurance claim form for a limousine?

You might be able to obtain the form from your carrier or your lawyer.

What types of coverage does my limo need to have in case of accident?

Coverage options vary depending on your circumstances. Call your agent.

Is it legal to drive a passenger in your personal vehicle without buying commercial insurance?

It is possible that you can purchase what’s called non-owned or hired automobile insurance for this purpose. Your attorney might be able to advise and represent you in this matter.

Where can I obtain a list of reputable attorneys who specialize in personal injury claims involving limo accidents?

Many good attorneys maintain websites that list their practice areas and qualifications.

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