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5 Easy Steps to Claim Motorcycle Insurance

Finding motorcycle insurance is not always easy. In fact, sometimes the process of finding the right policy can be a pain. However, filing a claim with your insurer should be much easier than it would have been to find the insurance in the first place. Although filing an insurance claim for most vehicles means dealing with your insurer’s claims department directly, motorcycle insurance does not have to follow this same protocol.

In order to file a motorcycle insurance claim, all you have to do is contact the right member of your motorcycle club or organization, and they will take care of everything for you. With their experience with filing claims and working directly with insurers, the process becomes much easier than attempting to file a claim yourself.

The following are five easy steps to claiming your motorcycle insurance after an accident:

1)  Documentation

With motorcycle insurance, you must document your initial damage before filing a claim. While it is not required to use photographs for documentation purposes, they are an excellent way of proving the amount of damage sustained by your motorcycle during an accident with another party or uninsured driver. If possible, take photos of all sides of your motorcycle and include close-up shots of any damage you want to document with your claim.

2)  Taking Photos

Taking motorcycle insurance photos can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the process. However, taking photos of your damaged motorcycle will be beneficial in several ways when it comes time for you to file an insurance claims. First, either you or someone else will have to take the photos. If you are trying to document damage on your own, having someone else take the photos for you will be much easier because you can focus on providing details about the collision instead of taking pictures with a camera. Second, when you’re finished choosing which shots are necessary for documentation purposes, print them out or send them electronically to your motorcycle insurer. You may also choose to save your photos on a flash drive.

3)  Completing a Motorcycle Insurance Claim Form

Although some insurers do not require you to fill out a form, it is still beneficial to have one on hand in case the company requires that you provide specific details about your accident. In order for the insurer to process your claim as quickly as possible, make sure that your insurance policy number is included on the form. Also include your name and contact information, a brief description of how the accident occurred, the damage sustained by your motorcycle, and where you want to have it repaired if necessary.

4)  Creating Your Own Motorcycle Insurance Claim

If your motorcycle insurer does not provide an online claim form for you to submit, creating your own claim is the next best thing. By filling out the motorcycle insurance claim form yourself, you can ensure that all of the necessary information is included in your personal policy file. Your insurer may ask that you contact them for more detailed information about your accident, so having a claim form ready to go will make filing your motorcycle insurance claim much easier.

5)  Contacting Your Insurance Provider

After you have collected all of the necessary information for your motorcycle insurer, contact them with details about the accident and why you are submitting a claim. Just keep in mind that it is illegal for an insurer to deny your claim without first informing you in writing. However, if your insurer does refuse to process your claim, there are several other steps you can take before making a decision about the future of your policy with them.

What is a motorcycle club?

A motorcycle club is a group of people who share the hobby of riding motorcycles. These clubs exist for different purposes, from socializing to taking part in an organized event. Motorcycle clubs can be found across the world and may even have their own rules on how they operate. In some cases these clubs offer insurance and accident assistance to their members.

What should I do after an accident?

After a motorcycle accident, the first thing you should do is get yourself checked out by a medical professional if necessary. If someone else was involved in the accident it is important to gather their information as well, such as name, address, and insurance policy number. If possible, also take photos of the accident scene and any damage that has been done to your motorcycle. Once you have finished documenting everything it is recommended that you contact your motorcycle insurer.

Are there any benefits to joining a motorcycle club?

Although some motorcycle clubs are more about socializing than they are about riding, there are benefits to joining a motorcycle club, even if the only thing you are interested in is taking part in an organized event. Some of these benefits can include discounted insurance rates, roadside assistance for when your bike breaks down, and information about discounts on motorcycles or gear.

What is a motorcycle incident?

A motorcycle incident is any accident that occurs while operating a motorcycle. This may involve an automobile or another object, a pothole in the road, or even a person walking along the street. In some cases these accidents are fatal for the motorcyclist and others involved.

What do I need to include in a motorcycle insurance claim?

When filing a motorcycle insurance claim, there are several things you will need to have on hand. These items include proof of your driver’s license, proof of your auto insurance policy, photos documenting the damaged done by the accident, and any other documentation or information that may be relevant to your case. In some cases this may also include witness statements or police reports.

Upon Further Analysis

I hope these five simple steps have helped you get your motorcycle insurance claim filed. If they haven’t, please comment below or share this blog post with someone who might need the information! Happy riding to all of you out there on two wheels!

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