5 Advantages of Insurance for Grand Tourer yesensure

5 Advantages of Insurance for Grand Tourer

When you purchase a Grand Tourer, you’re going to need insurance. Period. Isn’t that a given? Well if it is, why do I feel as though there’s hesitation among many of the people considering investing in an expensive car? This could be because they obsess over trying to think of every possible way they could damage their new baby and, for this reason, shy away from purchasing the appropriate protection. I’m here to tell you that buying insurance is a good idea and it offers more than just safety against physical damage. It gives you benefits you may not have thought about beforehand!

5 Advantages of Insurance for Grand Tourer

1)  Roadside Assistance

All of the major insurance companies, like State Farm and Geico, offer roadside assistance to their policy holders. This service is usually free with the purchase of your insurance plan. Roadside assistance offers many services at no cost to you! These could include but are not limited to: jump starting a car (if you don’t know how, you can call the service provider and they will instruct you over the phone), winching your car out of a ditch if it becomes stuck, towing your vehicle to your desired destination. If you want roadside assistance, make sure that it is included in your policy!

2)  Identity Theft Insurance

If you are like me, then you hate the idea of identity theft. I’m not talking about credit card fraud or signing up for a website that requires your name and address; those things don’t apply to me. What does apply is your social security number! When you sign up as a policy holder for an insurance company, you will be given a new SSN (social security number) for the term of your policy. This number will be issued in conjunction with a PIN (policy identification number) that only you know. If anyone else tried to apply for insurance when borrowing your car, they would use this pin and it wouldn’t match up! Insurance companies don’t want their policy holders’ social security numbers being used by a random person driving their car.   

3)  You Can Add Additional Drivers

Having people drive your car is a good thing, right? It means that you’re getting the opportunity to share the beauty of Grand Tourers with others and give them a taste of what it’s like to have something so lovely! The only problem is that some insurance companies limit the number of people who can be added as drivers to your policy. If you want to let more than 3 people drive your car, then you need to choose an insurance company that allows it.

4)  Your Insurance Premium Will Be Cheaper

It’s a no-brainer: if you want something and someone tells you that if you do X, Y, and Z you will receive A, B, and C; why wouldn’t you? One of the less obvious incentives to purchasing an insurance policy is that it could save you money on your yearly premiums. This only happens if:

The insurance company has no record of any claims filed under your car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) and

You haven’t had any accidents while driving. If your car is an occasional driver (meaning that it’s only used once or twice a month), then be sure to let your insurance company know, they may reduce your premium even further!

5)  It Will Appear More Trustworthy To Potential Buyers

If you’re ever going to sell your car, it’s a good idea to keep your insurance policy up to date. Let me tell you why: Not only is it the legal and responsible thing to do, it will also give people who are thinking of buying your vehicle more confidence in making a purchase! People look at cars as an investment and they need to feel confident that the vehicle won’t cost them more money in maintenance and repairs. Keep up your insurance policy and you’ll make a good impression on people who may be making a purchase from you soon! If you want to get full coverage on your car, contact an agent today! They can find you plans that fit within your budget. Don’t forget to tell them you want roadside assistance, because it’s free with your State Farm policy!

Do I need to purchase a policy from State Farm?

You can join any insurance company you want for your car. However, they will most likely issue you a brand new SSN (social security number) and PIN (policy identification number). If a random person tried to apply for coverage under your name, their information would not match up with the PIN! For this reason, it’s best to choose an insurance company that you trust and who already has your information on file.

How much money will I save with roadside assistance?

It depends on which insurance company you join and what type of roadside assistance they offer. Some companies only allow you to call a tow truck or locksmith, while others might let you get repairs done at your local mechanic. It’s best to go online and compare each option so that you can find the one who fits your needs best!

If I have a claim, will my premiums go up?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Depending on how much you owe and how severe it was, your insurance company may raise your rates for a year or longer. Make sure to file claims sparingly and only if necessary! The better care you take of your car, the less likely it is that you’ll have a claim.

If I let someone else drive my car and they cause an accident, will my policy still cover me?

In most cases, yes! Your insurance company won’t hold you accountable for another person’s mistakes. However, if that driver also has their own insurance policy, then it’s possible that they could be covered for the accident. Make sure your insurance company knows how many people drive your car so they can give you the correct advice!

Can I insure my vehicle if it’s only going to be driven once or twice per month?

Absolutely! If you plan on using your Grand Tourer as an occasional driver, then let your provider know that. They may offer you a lower premium if they understand that it will not be used as frequently.

Is every driver listed on my policy?

The number of people you can add will be dependent on which insurance provider you choose. Some companies allow up to 6 drivers while others may only allow a maximum of 3.

All In All

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