15 Insane Insurance Policies You Might Not Know Existed yesensure

15 Insane Insurance Policies You Might Not Know Existed

You probably know what life insurance is, but you might not have heard of the other 15 types of insurance that exist. In this blog post, we will discuss each type and provide an example so you can see how creative some people can be!

No one wants to deal with the aftermath of a terrible accident or disaster, and insurance can help you protect yourself against those very things. You don’t have to be required by law in order for an insurer to offer coverage policies – there are more than enough adults across America who purchase their own health care coverage because they know it’s necessary!

People buy insurance for things that are very important to them. For example, David Beckham took out an $195 million policy to insulate his feet and legs from injury. Cristiano Ronaldo also bought a $144 million policy for his legs.

To insure one’s legs requires a niche market. Lloyd’s of London is an unusual and famous company that has been insuring people for decades, like athletes, celebrities, and more. They even insure monkeys!

There are different types of insurance. Some protect things that people might not know about, like body parts and money. There are 15 types of insurance you don’t know about yet!

1. Alien abduction insurance

If you are worried about aliens, then you should buy a policy that will pay if you were taken by an alien. The person who was taken would have to show that they were taken by a non-human life form.

2. Asteroid insurance

If the sky falls, your home will be covered in insurance. There is an exception to this rule. Most homes and life insurance already cover falling objects like asteroids, meteors, or satellites.

3. Body part insurance

Some athletes and celebrities have put insurance on their body parts. Heidi Klum’s legs are worth $2 million dollars. Bruce Springsteen’s voice was worth $3.5 million dollars! Holly Madison insured her breasts for a million dollars!

4. Change of heart insurance

On average, Americans spend about $35,000 on their wedding. If the plan changes or there are other problems with the wedding, then you can buy insurance to protect against extra costs. You should also buy insurance that protects photos and so on too.

5. Contest and prize insurance

Some golf tournaments offer prizes for people who get a hole in one. But if you buy insurance, then you do not have to give them the prize. The more expensive the prize is, the more you should buy insurance because it is worth it.

6. Death by laughter insurance

Lloyd’s of London has insured a group of people who are comedians. They had insurance to protect themselves if people laugh so much that they die. There has been no word on whether this policy has already paid out.

7. Facial hair insurance

Lloyd’s of London has insured mustaches and beards alike. One famous Santa Claus, who had a white beard, got his beard insured. Merv Hughes, an Australian cricketer, got his mustache insured for $360,000.

8. Halloween and haunted house insurance

If you own a house or event for Halloween, there is insurance that covers accidents and injuries to visitors and employees. You can get this insurance if your event is a haunted house, Halloween event, zombie run or corn maze.

9. Intrepid journeys insurance

Lloyd’s of London has insured many different people. Some examples are a girl who swam the English Channel and a group of men who tried to cross Antarctica in winter.

10. Key person insurance

Sometimes, people are so important to a company that if they die the company will shut down. If this happens, you can take out Key-Person Insurance which pays money when someone dies.

11. Kidnapping and ransom insurance

Some companies offer kidnapping and ransom insurance to protect people. These people might need this are pilots, oil or gas company employees, and people who work for non-government organizations.

12. Multiple birth insurance

If you have more than one baby at once, like twins, then you can get paid. You need to sign up for this insurance before the 11th week of pregnancy or before your first ultrasound.

13. Party guest insurance

Parties can be rowdy. It’s possible that someone might get hurt or have an accident. The host may buy insurance to protect themselves from this. This type of insurance will help them if someone is hurt at the party, or if they are hurt after they leave the party, or more.

14. Taste bud insurance

People are paying money to protect their taste buds. Hayleigh Curtis paid one million dollars to Lloyd’s of London, and Costa Coffee’s coffee taster also paid 10 million dollars.

15. Spaceship insurance

Companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX are getting insurance for their space shuttles. One in 20 launches will go wrong. That is why businesses are paying lots of money to get insurance for their inventions to make sure that they don’t break and cause a lot of damage.

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