12 Important Insurance Tips for Your Kia Sportage

12 Important Insurance Tips for Your Kia Sportage

Your Kia Sportage is great. Just like your house, it can be fitted with security features to keep burglars out and your family safe. But what about the second most valuable thing in your life? Your insurance coverage?

Here are 12 insurance tips that every owner should know! They could save you money or even qualify you for discounts you never knew existed!

1. Homeowners or Renter’s Insurance?

A couple of years ago, my best friend Tony called me up in a panic. He was moving out of his apartment and into a new house he had just bought with his wife. His car insurance company wouldn’t let him transfer the policy to his new house because his apartment had old wiring that wasn’t up to code. Without car insurance, he couldn’t drive his new house.

He asked me what the best way to go about this was and I told him to get on the phone with you know who – his homeowners or renters insurance company! Every homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company has an auto insurance branch. Most likely, you don’t even need to change the policy! Just tell your insurance company that you’re moving and they’ll do all the legwork for you and let your car insurance company know about it!

2. Raising Your Deductible

My friend Rob just got a new Kia Sorento and the first thing that the dealer tried to sell him was “excellent” insurance coverage. The package they pushed included a very high deductible of $2,500.

That’s not excellent. That’s insanity. An excellent deductible for you new vehicle is maybe $200-$500 depending on how nice your car is and whether or not you want to drive it into a wall or not.

If you want to save money on your car insurance, take the minimum amount of coverage required by law. All this coverage does is make sure that you can’t sue your insurance company for more than they have on hand in the event your car gets totaled. If you have a claim against your insurance company, it doesn’t do anything except pay the bare minimum.

3. Keeping Your Car Insured

My buddy Mike just got into a car accident and found out a very valuable lesson about insurance companies – When they want their money, they get it. He had paid off his loan on his new Honda Accord a few days before the accident. He called up his insurance company to let them know that he was no longer making payments on the car and they told him to keep making payments until all of this was settled.

Just because you’re done paying for your car doesn’t mean that you’re not responsible for it anymore! If you want to save money, keep your car insured at all times. Even if you’re not driving it, someone else could take the vehicle and get into an accident. If that happens, you’ll be held liable!

4. Raising Your Deductible and Lowering Your Premium

Here’s a tip that people aren’t aware of: You can raise your deductible and lower your premium.

If you keep your deductible at $200 but want to lower your premium, raise it to $1,000. Most companies will lower your premiums by 15-25% with a $1,000 deductible!

5. Keeping Your Older Vehicle

The younger the driver, the more expensive they are to insure (the risk of accidents is higher). So if you’re older and have an older vehicle that has a lower market value than what was paid for it, consider keeping the car even after you’ve paid off the loan!

If your car is worth $3,000 but you still owe $7,000 on it, most insurance companies will agree to insure you for the current market value of the car. In this case, that would be $3,000. If you’ve paid off your loan and kept up with all maintenance, as a bonus for being a good driver, some insurance companies will knock off 40% from their rate if you have an older vehicle that still has considerable life left in it.

6. Having A Spouse

Getting married can save you money on car insurance! Most companies offer a discount of 10-15% if your significant other is listed on the policy as well! If you keep the two policies separate, you’ll never get this discount since most companies won’t give it twice (they assume that you’re already getting the discount on your other policy).

7. Keeping A Bunch Of Tickets And Accidents Off Your Record

If you have a mountain of tickets and accidents, it basically means that you’re a bad driver that should be charged more for car insurance. But if you’ve kept your driving record clean, some companies may reward this by giving you a discount! Just make sure to ask for it!

8. Paying Your Premiums Annually

Most insurance companies give you the option of paying your premiums either monthly or annually. If you pay your premiums annually and then need to cancel your insurance in between, some companies will refund the amount that you’ve paid minus a small fee!

9. Signing Up For Email Updates

In this day and age, insurance companies don’t want to deal with you over the phone any longer than they have to. They’d rather email you and let you know what updates are going on instead of calling you up and annoying you about them. If your insurance company does this, sign up for their email updates! It can help you out if they let you know about a possible rate increase.

10. Getting A Higher Deductible

As you’ve probably noticed throughout the list, raising your deductible can really lower your premiums. If raising it to $1,000 isn’t enough, feel free to raise it even higher! Just make sure to keep enough money in your savings account so you can cover the deductible if you get into an accident.

If you don’t have enough saved up, you’ll end up getting a loan from the insurance company that will be added to your monthly premiums. Although it sounds nice that you won’t have to pay for your deductible, it’s still an expense that shouldn’t be overlooked.

What are the benefits of having a higher deductible?

Raising your deductible can lower your premiums considerably. If you’ve saved up enough in case something were to happen, raise it high enough so that you save some money on your monthly premiums. However, just be careful not to raise it too high since you don’t want to end up having to pay more if you get into an accident

What are the benefits of getting married?

Getting married can save you money on your car insurance! Just make sure that your significant other is added to the policy as well so you don’t miss out on the discount!

How do I sign up for email updates?

Most insurance companies give you the option of receiving updates via text messages, phone calls or email. If your company gives you this option and you want to take advantage of it, sign up for email updates! It can help you out financially if they let you know about a possible rate increase so that you can prepare yourself.

Why would I want to pay my insurance premiums annually?

Most companies offer a discount if you pay your premiums every year instead of every month. If you do this and then need to cancel your insurance, some companies will refund the amount that you paid minus a small fee! So it’s definitely worth looking in to!

While Further Study Is Warranted

We hope you find these 12 important insurance tips for your Kia Sportage helpful. But if not, please share with us what other topics we should cover in the future! Our team is eager to hear from you and would love to make this blog as useful as possible.

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