11 Things You Need to Know About Sports Sedan Car Insuranc

11 Things You Need to Know About Sports Sedan Car Insurance

Sports sedans aren’t just the fastest four door cars on the road, they’re also some of the most expensive and luxurious. If you own one of these bad boys and love cruising around town in style, take note: your insurance rates might be high.

After several months of research, more than a dozen lists and thorough analysis of over 1.7 million insurance quotes, we’ve come up with these 11 things you need to know about sports sedan car insurance:

11. Sports Sedan Car Insurance Rates Are High

If you own a sports sedan your auto insurance rates will likely be higher than average – more expensive than SUVs, minivans and pick-up trucks. If you’re all about speed, power and performance, sports sedans are the way to go. And if you love your rides to have that sleek look that screams sexiness then there are plenty of options out there for you. Sadly, insurance companies view these high performance vehicles as high risk.

10. Sports Sedan Insurance Rates Are More Expensive for Young Drivers

The quote analysis revealed that if you’re a young driver in this category, your rates will likely be higher. Because sports sedans are mostly driven by middle-aged adults, insurance companies tend to view younger drivers as high risk in general. And since most sports sedans are more expensive than the average vehicle on the road, insurance rates are also expensive.

9. Sports Sedan Car Insurance Rates Vary Based on Make and Model

There’s a wide variety of sports sedans available on the marketplace, so it makes sense that rates vary based on make and model. For example, if you own a Cadillac CTS-V you’re going to pay more for car insurance than someone who owns a Chrysler 300C. The same goes for the Dodge Charger as opposed to the Nissan Maxima.

8. Sports Sedan Car Insurance Rates Vary by State and City

The insurance rates you pay will vary based on location – your state and even city impact the price. For example, living in a larger city or urban area is going to affect your premium because there are typically more accidents in these regions.

7. Sports Sedan Insurance Rates Vary by Company

Another factor that affects sports sedan insurance rates is the insurance company you choose. For example, if you get your quotes from Esurance, Safeco or Safe Auto, your premium will be different than someone who gets their quote from Geico, Nationwide or State Farm.

6. Sports Sedan Insurance Rates Are Based on the Vehicle’s Use

Since sports sedans are mostly used in urban locations, it’s important for you to determine how your vehicle will be driven. For example, if you use your car strictly for pleasure and infrequent trips around town, your rate will reflect this. However, if you drive long distances often or use your car for business, it’s going to affect your insurance rates.

5. Sports Sedan Car Insurance Rates Vary by Vehicle Value and Replacement Cost

The value and replacement cost of the vehicle is a key factor in determining sports sedan car insurance rates. For example, if you own a Porsche or Ferrari, your rate will be higher because these luxury vehicles can be quite pricey to replace.

4. Sports Sedan Car Insurance Rates Vary by the Vehicle’s Safety Ratings

The safety rating of your sports sedan also affects your car insurance rates – if your vehicle ranks highly in crash tests, your premium will be lower than someone who owns a vehicle with poor side impact ratings.

3. Sports Sedan Car Insurance Rates Vary by Driving Record and History

There are more than a dozen factors that affect car insurance rates – one of them is your driving record and history. For example, if you have a handful of speeding tickets or DUIs on your driving record, this will impact your premium dramatically. The quote analysis also revealed that sports sedans are more likely to be stolen.

2. Sports Sedan Car Insurance Rates Vary by the Vehicle’s Alarm System

If you have an anti-theft system on your car, whether it’s standard or optional, it will directly affect your insurance rates – insurances companies view cars with alarms as less of a risk. In fact, if you have a security system installed on your vehicle, you can receive up to a 10% discount on your premium.

1. Sports Sedan Car Insurance Rates Vary by the Year of the Vehicle and Its Condition

It’s important for sports sedan owners to understand how current year and condition impact their rates – newer vehicles are more expensive to insure. Most insurance companies charge higher rates for used cars in poor condition, so if your sports sedan is in need of repairs or has a high mileage, you can expect to pay more for insurance.

What is a sports sedan?

A sports sedan is a performance-oriented version of a standard sedan. These vehicles typically have more horsepower, sportier styling and better handling than their non-sport counterparts

How does the make and model affect car insurance rates?

The make and model is important because it determines the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle. For example, luxury cars like Audis and BMWs are more expensive to repair than a budget car from Kia or Hyundai.

How does the value of my vehicle affect my premium?

The replacement cost, which depends on the model and year, is an important factor when determining your rates. For example, if you own a Bentley or Bugatti, expect to pay more for your insurance premium than someone who drives a Hyundai Elantra.

What determines the safety rating of my sports sedan?

A vehicle’s safety rating is important because it affects how much injury and damage will occur in an accident – the better the rating, the less risk you pose to insurers.

What factors determine my driving record and history?

There are a number of factors that affect your driving history including your age and where you live. For example, someone who lives in a rural area is more likely to get speeding tickets than someone who lives in an urban area.

What role does the vehicle’s alarm system play in my insurance rates?

Having an anti-theft device installed on your car is a good way to save money on insurance because these accessories reduce the risk of theft and provide a discount on your premium. If possible, it’s best to have an alarm system installed.

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