11 Steps to Claim Your Car Insurance as a Sports Sedan Owner Yes Ensure

11 Steps to Claim Your Car Insurance as a Sports Sedan Owner

It is important to understand the difference between sports sedans and standard cars. Sports sedan owners are not eligible for the same privileges as standard car drivers, so it is imperative that you know what you need to do in order to be able to claim your insurance. There are steps that can be taken by both individuals and organizations that will help make this possible.

Step 1: Gather General Information

Start by gathering the basic information needed for your insurance company, this includes all of your contact information, vehicle year, make and model. You should also have your VIN number on hand to give them when they ask. If you are unsure of any of these details you can always look in your car’s manual for the information.

Step 2: Talk to Your Insurance Company

Once you have all of your information, find out if your car will be covered. Some insurance companies automatically exclude sports sedans due to their higher risk for accidents and theft (especially import models). If this is the case with your company you may want to consider switching providers, but if that is not an option then you will want to try and modify your insurance policy.

Step 3: Modify Your Insurance Policy

Discuss with your provider how much of a premium increase this will be for them, and work out a fair payment arrangement if you cannot afford the raised rate. If there are going to be an additional costs due to this, make sure you are prepared to pay them.

Step 4: Carry Liability Insurance on All Vehicles You Own

If you own any other vehicles that are not covered by insurance then this is the time to get that taken care of. If you do not have liability on your other cars it is best practice to get it anyway in order to prevent incidents from happening that would raise your rates.

Step 5: Get Comprehensive and Collision Insurance on Your Sports Sedan

Once you have liability insurance for all of your vehicles you can add comprehensive and collision to the sports sedan in order to get a lower rate, or a waived premium entirely. Even if there is not much value to your car, there are still ways to save. If you have a good driving record then paying for your car’s damages yourself will be less expensive than having it done through insurance at the insured rate, so it is best to be prepared before an accident happens.

Step 6: Stick With Your Sports Sedan Only

Make sure that you are not using any other vehicles for pleasure driving, to save money on insurance make sure you are sticking with your sports sedan only. The less exceptions you have the better chance that your rates will not go up.

Step 7: Drive Safely and Avoid Risky Situations

The safest way to drive is always within the speed limit, never drink and drive, avoid driving late at night, and make sure you are always aware of your surroundings. Risky behaviors such as speeding, racing, and driving under the influence will raise your risk for accidents and theft, which will give insurance companies a reason to hike up your rates or deny you coverage completely.

Step 8: Always Report Things Like A Broken Mirror

Regardless of whether or not it will cost you money to fix, always report damaged parts of your car to your insurance company. If they feel that there is a pattern of neglecting proper care for your vehicle they may decide not to cover the full cost of damages in the event of an accident.

Step 9: Report Suspicious Activity Right Away

This means reporting things like someone breaking into your car, or attempting to steal it. If you can get a license plate number or description of the persons involved then do so right away and give all the information to your insurance company so they can be on the lookout for suspicious activity in your area.

Step 10: Avoid Making Claims More Than Once Every 5 Years

When you do have to make a claim, if it does not cost too much money then just pay for it yourself. The more times your insurance company has to shell out cash the higher the risk is that they will increase your rates in the future. If there are multiple claims within a short amount of time you will usually be dropped entirely.

Step 11: Never Shop Insurance Based on Your Own Occupation

Your occupation is usually not ever something that affects your claim, so feel free to switch companies if you are unhappy with your current one. It is unfair for some people to see their rates skyrocket while they make the same amount of money doing the same job, and it will never be fair and equitable to base rates off of occupation, ethnicity, or anything of the sort.

Which insurance companies should I call?

Although this article does not suggest any specific car insurance insurances, always shop around before settling for one. There are many different companies that can offer you great deals, so it is helpful to look online or ask your friends and family members to see which company they are with.

What happens if I switch car insurance companies?

If you are unhappy with your current car insurance company it is always a good idea to shop around and compare rates before settling on one that meets your needs. Insurance companies may not agree to cover the cost of damages after getting into an accident because they see that you switched insurance companies, or they may try to charge you more weeks down the line if they feel that your rates with them should be higher because of this. Always consult a representative from your car insurance company when switching and inform them that the only reason you want to switch is because you found a better deal elsewhere.

What discounts can I get, and how much can I save?

How much you can save will be based on many different factors. The more discounts you are eligible for the better off you will be when it comes to car insurance premiums. For example, if you take a defensive driving course your rates may go down 10% or 15%, or take your car to be serviced regularly and your premium may go down.

If you have been with the same company for a long amount of time they may give you a discount, or if you use the same car every day they will give you a good rate because they know that there is less wear and tear on it. Check online to see what discounts are available in your area.

On The Whole

I hope this article has helped you to better understand the process of claiming your car insurance as a sports sedan owner. If not, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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