11 Reasons to Buy Insurance for Kia Sportage Car Yes Ensure

11 Reasons to Buy Insurance for Kia Sportage Car

The Kia Sportage is a small SUV with seating for five. It comes as either a three-door or five-door model and the car has been produced since 1993.

You can insure your car as part of your house insurance policy; however, buying stand-alone cover will usually prove cheaper in the long run if you drive the car frequently.

This article will introduce you to 11 reasons to buy insurance for your Kia Sportage car.

11. Insurance is a legal requirement

In most countries, including the UK, it is a legal requirement that motorists have insurance for their vehicles. Without valid insurance you could be fined up to 20% of your annual salary or face having your vehicles impounded.

10. Failure to insure your vehicle will invalidate any existing comprehensive policy

If you own a house then it is likely that you hold a comprehensive house insurance policy that covers damage to your home and possessions, theft of items out of the home, medical expenses for people injured on your property, and damage or injury that you cause to other people and their property. Your house insurance policy will not cover your Kia Sportage when it is being driven by you or another driver, so if you fail to insure your car then the valid comprehensive policy that you hold for your home will be invalidated.

9. Features of a house insurance policy

When you buy your house insurance policy, you will be given the option to include car insurance as an add-on. By taking this route, it means that your insurer will cover all costs related to damage or injury caused by you or someone driving your Kia Sportage.

8. Your vehicle must be fitted with a valid MoT certificate to be fully insured

Assuming you have passed your driving test and drive a car, the only way to insure your vehicle is to ensure that it has a valid certificate of road worthiness. If your car does not pass the MoT test then it is illegal for you or anyone else to drive on public roads. As such, when this happens you cannot insure the car because it is not insured to be driven on public roads.

7. Insurance excess can vary depending on where you live

The amount that you pay towards the cost of any eventuality, such as accidents or damage that your Kia Sportage causes, will depend on where you live and this varies across different regions. In some areas the insurance excess is higher than others meaning that you are more likely to have an accident or incident.

6. Comprehensive cover may cost less than third party fire and theft cover

If you compare comprehensive insurance for your Kia Sportage with third party only, then in most instances it will prove cheaper to take out comprehensive cover. This is because the excess that you pay towards any claim will be less than the excess for third party only cover.

5. Third party, fire and theft may cost more than a comprehensive policy

If you compare a third party only policy with a comprehensive insurance policy it is likely to prove more expensive because of the amount of security measures that your house insurer will put in place when providing full cover. This includes security systems to stop your home being broken into, alarms to detect when someone is in the property unlawfully, cash transported securely, and other measures that are meant to protect insurers against theft or damage while cars are stored in garages or outbuildings.

4. You can still insure a car without owning it

If you are the registered keeper of a car, but do not own it, then you will most likely have to pay an insurance premium for third party only cover. This is because if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire or in an accident caused through no fault of your own, then the insurer will pursue the owner for payment.

3. Comprehensive policies offer the most cover

If you own a Kia Sportage and want to insure it fully, then you should buy a comprehensive policy over third party only because this will pay out more than fire or theft cover. Comprehensive insurance pays out for damage or injury caused by an accident that is your fault, damage caused by natural disasters such as flooding or by fire, and damage caused to your vehicle from theft.

2. The excess for a comprehensive policy will be higher than third party only cover

When you buy a Kia Sportage insurance policy the excess is the amount of money that you pay towards any claim. In general, this fee should be lower for a comprehensive policy than it will be for a third party only policy, although this is not always the case.

1. Guaranteed damage such as fire and theft will cost you more than an accident caused by another driver

If your car is stolen or damaged through no fault of your own then the insurer will compensate you fully regardless of whether or not there is any other party to take legal action against. However, if your vehicle is stolen or damaged because you have been negligent in some way then the insurer will not pay out anything because the accident was your fault and a third party will need to be found.

What information will I need to provide when applying for Kia Sportage car insurance?

You will need to provide details such as your age, address and the car’s registration number.

How much excess will my insurer charge me for a Kia Sportage insurance policy?

This depends on your insurer. However, as a general rule of thumb the higher end of the scale you go with car insurance, then the more likely that your excess fee is going to be low.

What is an excess fee?

The excess fee is the amount that you will have to pay towards any claim that your insurer receives relating to your vehicle. You should always check your policy documents carefully to find out what this figure is for each policy type.

How much does Kia Sportage car insurance cost in the UK?

This depends on a number of factors such as where you live, the model of your car and how you use it.

What Really Matters Is

The Kia Sportage is a great car, but it’s also expensive. That’s why we recommend adding one of the many insurance plans available to your purchase! All you have to do is pick from our list and add some peace of mind with these 11 reasons for buying an auto insurance quote. Comment below if this post helped you decide on what type of coverage would be best for your budget or needs.

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