10 Tips for Buying Insurance For Your Minivan

10 Tips for Buying Insurance For Your Minivan

Buying insurance for your minivan can be really confusing. There are so many different types of coverage to choose from, and even more agents eager to help you with the buying process. If you want to make sure that you get the best deal possible, then here is a list of 10 tips that will walk you through the buying process quickly and easily.

1. Plan Ahead

You should always buy your insurance before you need it, because if something happens and you don’t have a policy in place then you won’t be able to drive legally. It’s a good idea to get a price quote from different companies at least a month or two before your current plan expires, because that gives you time to compare prices and coverage.

2. Choose the Right Company

Choosing the wrong company is one of the biggest mistakes that most people make when buying auto insurance, and it can really cost you in the long run. Each insurer has its own criteria for deciding how much to charge you and what type of coverage they offer, so always change insurers if yours doesn’t meet your needs. You can usually save money by choosing a company that offers better coverage, even if it is more expensive than the one you are currently using.

3. Shop Around

The best way to find great prices on auto insurance is to shop around for different companies so you have several options before making your decision. Each insurer has their own rates depending on the type of coverage you are looking for, so it’s in your best interest to speak with them individually. Don’t go with the first company that gives you a good deal because what good is saving money if you can’t get covered?

4. Know What You Need

It’s important to have some idea of the type of coverage you want before you start shopping, because it will make the buying process much easier. Each state has different laws when it comes to minimum coverage, so check with yours to find out what is required in order to drive legally. If your budget doesn’t allow for complete coverage then here are some suggestions that may help you save money:

Physical damage coverage

This is the most expensive type of insurance, so if you can afford it then you should always get this in case your car is totaled. If not, then try to at least get liability and comprehensive coverage for when accidents happen.

Medical payments or Personal Injury Protection

These types of coverage will help pay for medical care and lost wages if you or your passengers are injured in a wreck. If you can’t afford full coverage then this is a worthwhile investment that will save a lot of money down the road.

Collision Coverage

Not all companies offer this type of coverage, so it’s best to shop around and see who does. Even if you have comprehensive insurance, you might not be covered when you hit something such as another car or a tree. This type of coverage will help pay for damage to your vehicle that is not caused by an accident with another person or object.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This insurance will protect you and your passengers in the event that someone is in an accident and does not have enough insurance to cover all of the costs. It can also be helpful if you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist because it will pay for your injuries, lost wages, and other expenses that result from the crash.

5. Watch Out For Hidden Fees

Most companies will do whatever they can to appear cheaper than their competitors, so they will offer you great prices up front without telling you that their rates are higher in other areas. The best way to avoid this is to ask for a quote with all fees included, because it usually doesn’t take long for them to give you an honest quote.

6. Ask About Discounts

Auto insurance companies typically have several discounts that you can apply to your plan, and each one will save you a decent amount of money. The two main discounts are good student and multiple policy, but there could be dozens more depending on your specific situation. If your insurer doesn’t offer many discounts then it might be time to switch because the savings could be huge.

7. Keep Moving

In most cases, your insurance rates will stay the same for three to five years or until you make a claim. If you have a clean driving record with no accidents in the past seven to ten years then there is a good chance that they can give you a better deal by either raising your deductible or lowering your coverage.

8. Get A Quote Every Six Months

You should always be looking out for the best insurance rates, because you never know when one company might offer it to you. There are plenty of comparison sites that will give you quotes from every major insurer in your area, so make sure to take advantage of them at least twice per year. It only takes a couple of minutes to get the quotes, so there is no reason not to do it.

9. Not All Policies Are The Same

It’s easy to think that different insurance companies are offering the same thing, but that isn’t true because they will have some differences depending on what state you live in. It may also be important to note that certain policies are regulated by the state, so you might not be able to get full coverage even if you want it.

10. Check Your VIN Number

Your VIN number can determine what type of insurance policy that you need in order to drive legally, which is why this information should always be saved somewhere safe. An incorrect policy will not help you out if you get pulled over, so it’s important to make sure that you have the right document before driving off.

Does full coverage really make a difference?

Yes, full coverage will cover all parts of your vehicle in the event that they get damaged. Without this type of insurance you might be stuck paying for expensive repairs out of pocket, so it’s important to have if you can afford it.

What are some common discounts that insurers offer?

Most insurers will give you discounts if you insure multiple cars or own a home. There might be other discounts that are specific to your state, so it’s important to check with them before enrolling in a plan. You can also look for car insurance discounts related to the type of car that you drive.

How often should I switch my insurance company?

You should always be looking at the best rates, so it’s important to switch companies every six months or so. It doesn’t take long for an insurer to give you a quote online, so there is no reason not to check out other quotes while waiting for your current policy to end.

Is it possible to get better rates after making an accident claim?

It depends on the type of accident that you are at fault for, but it’s possible to get a better deal if you shop around. If your insurer raised your rates after the accident then there are always multiple companies who will offer you low rates because they want your business.

Do multiple policy discounts always save me money?

In most cases, this discount will save you money because you can combine your home and auto insurance plans for a cheaper price. The only time when it won’t make sense to buy multiple policies is if you don’t drive or own a home.

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