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10 Steps to Insure Your Self-driving Car

Drivers who own a self-driving car that gets into an accident may be able to fill out insurance claims without filing a police report.

In addition, owners could also potentially save money by letting the car take over for routine tasks like parking and driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

For example, the claim process for an accident involving a self-driving car may include an incident report, which is typically submitted electronically to the insurance company. Some insurance providers are also offering discounted premiums for cars with self-driving abilities.

  1. First, of course, you need to purchase a self-driving car . Once you have your car then you can start thinking about insuring it.
  2. You will need to figure out whether or not your insurance company will cover the self-driving car . If they don’t, find one that does!
  3. Next on the to do list is getting your car insured. Remember only drive the self-driving car in good weather, if you want to be safe at all times.
  4. You will need to check that there are no special insurance requirements for owning a self-driving car , especially if you live in Canada, America or other countries where they drive on the wrong side of the road.
  5. Do not be surprised if your insurance company wants to place tracking devices in your self-driving car . This is because they want to monitor how it’s being driven and see whether or not you’re following all of the rules and regulations and driving safely.
  6. The next thing on the list is to have the self-driving car inspected. You want to make sure it’s in top shape for your insurance company, and you will get a lower rate if everything is good on it.
  7. You need to update your insurance policy whenever there are any changes made to the self-driving car such as new features/upgrades or damage (when you hit that dump truck, because your blind spot sensor didn’t pick it up).
  8. You also need to know what you are allowed to do in the self-driving car . For example, either your insurance company requires a passenger or they don’t. Or perhaps if there are certain passengers allowed at all times when driving the self-driving car .
  9. It would also be a good idea to pay your insurance on time and in full, because this is going to help you lower your rates as well as avoid penalties or fees that can come with being late or paying for only part of the bill.
  10. Finally, don’t drink and drive when driving the self-driving car . Not only is this illegal but it will also increase your insurance rates.

Where can you purchase a self-driving car ?

You can buy a self-driving car from Tesla, Google, BMW and many more.

How often do you need to update your insurance policy?

Whenever there are changes made to the self-driving car such as new features/upgrades or damage. You also need to pay your monthly bill on time and in full.

What are some special requirements for having a self-driving car ?

Every country is different, you need to check with your insurance company before driving it. For example, in Canada they drive on the other side of the road so you will need a specific insurance policy for that.

Is it necessary to put tracking devices in the self-driving car ?

Yes! Most of the insurance companies require it. You will get a lower rate if you have it installed.

What happens if your insurance company doesn’t accept self-driving cars?

Then you will need to find another insurance company that does. Usually, there are other alternatives but this will be more expensive than usual.

Do the insurance companies cover the self-driving cars?

Yes they do! There is not much known about that topic yet but all of the companies are preparing for it.

In Other Words

So to summarize, the self-driving car is a revolutionary technology that will have major implications for society and personal transport. With so much going on in this industry it’s hard to know what exactly you need or should do when buying a new vehicle. We hope these 10 steps were helpful in getting your head around how to insure yourself against any mishaps from an accident with your autonomous automobile! Now go forth and buy confidently knowing you’re prepared for all eventualities – comment below if there’s anything we missed. 😉

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