10 Steps to Claim Insurance for Minivan Car after Accident

10 Steps to Claim Insurance for Minivan Car after Accident

It is not easy to get your head around the idea that you have been in an accident and need to start a claim process. It is even more difficult when you are trying to figure out how the insurance company will handle it. For many people, this can be a daunting task. This blog post discusses 10 steps for claiming insurance on your minivan car after an accident so that you know what to do next time!

1. Call your insurance company

After the accident, your first priority should be to contact your insurance company. If you are not sure about what path to take then call or visit an office of the same company that is insuring the other person involved in the incident. Sometimes, this may lead to a claim directly by the other party’s insurer if they also share the same company, or else can be used to guide you move ahead.

2. Tell the story in full

When speaking with the insurance agent, tell them about what happened without leaving out any details at all. This is important because when you give your statement, you are signing it legally which implies that whatever has been said will stand true in case of an investigation.

3. Take pictures and keep a record

Take pictures of the scene of the accident, where your car is at, damage done to your car and also the condition of the other people involved in this incident. Also make sure you get names and contact information from eyewitnesses who may have seen this happen.

4. File a claim

If you have been in just a fender bender and your car is not seriously damaged then you can take care of it yourself. However, if the damage done to your vehicle is more than just minor then it will be better for you to file a claim with the insurer because they have the professionals who will do the job for you.

5. Prepare for the insurance agent’s visit

Preparing for this meeting is not a difficult task but it can be overwhelming if you have never had to deal with an insurer before. If your car has been damaged then keep all receipts ready which show where and how much did you spend on getting the repair done. Also, keep a record of how much money you have spent on hiring a car while your own was being fixed.

6. Prepare for the insurance adjuster’s visit

Visiting an insurance adjuster is not going to be too difficult because they come prepared with forms that need to be filled out and then explain all details about the accident, damages and injuries that were caused.

7. Try to negotiate the terms

An insurer is not there to see how much money you can get away with having to spend, so be reasonable about your demands and try to negotiate. If that doesn’t work then do not back down because it is better to take an immediate action than wait for things to go out of hand.

8. Get a lawyer or not?

If you feel that the insurance company is not treating you fairly and want to take this matter to court then it will be better for you to hire a lawyer because they know everything about insurance law and all other procedures involved in filing an accident claim. However, hiring an attorney does not come cheap so you should only do so if you really think it is worth.

9. Have patience while your claim is processed

One of the most trying times in any insurance claim process is when the insurer has not started looking at your case and you don’t know what to do next. You need to be patient and wait for them to look into the matter because if you go over their head then this might lead to even more complications.

10. Get your cash compensation

When everything is done, the insurer will give the money that they owe you for all damages and injuries that have been caused in the accident, so just sit tight until then because it may take several months before you actually get anything out of this.

What if I want to claim insurance even though someone else was driving my car?

Tell the story in full and provide any details you have to the insurer as well as keep a record of how much money was spent on hiring a car while your own car wasn’t available. Also, take pictures of the accident scene and also keep all receipts of all the repairs that had to be done.

Will any type of car work as a replacement vehicle?

The insurance company should not provide you an old junker but they can give you something that is significantly smaller than your original car. They should also be able to provide you with amenities such as air conditioning, power windows and locks, a working sound system or anything else that was on your original car.

What if I do not want to argue with insurance companies?

Do not worry because nobody has the right to make you argue. If you feel like talking things out or giving it a shot then do so, however, if you feel that the insurer will be unreasonable and is wasting your time then hire an attorney and let them talk to the money lenders and other people that you need to speak with.

What if the car hire company cannot provide me with a vehicle?

If you think that the car hire company will not be able to give you a replacement vehicle then ask for some money as early as possible because this might help speed everything up.

Is there any way to speed up the claims process?

Hire an attorney if you feel that the insurance company is giving you a tough time. They will know everything about getting your car insured and also all the legal procedures involved in submitting an accident claim to insurance companies so it is better to have them on your side. Of course, they do charge a pretty hefty amount for their services so it is your choice if you want to spend on them or not.

What should I do if my car was damaged by weather?

If this was an act of God then take pictures and keep all other evidence so you can use them when you submit your claim to the insurance company.

What if my car was stolen?

Insurance companies will rarely provide a payout in this situation because they consider this a case of theft and it is better to go through all the claims that you have filed instead of trying everything at the same time. However, if you do want to try then keep all evidence of your claim that you filed with the police.

How to find the right car hire company?

There are dozens of private car hire companies that will provide you with a replacement vehicle but make sure you choose one that is affordable and reliable as well because this is not the time to go for some cheap, unreliable option if it means risking your own safety.

What if I was not at fault?

Get the officer’s name who was on duty at the time of accident. Send him or her an explanation of what happened and then ask for their testimony that will prove that you are innocent because insurance companies might deny paying for any damages if they feel that you were at fault.

Upon Further Review

It’s time to take action. Get in contact with your insurance company and get the process started for claiming your minivan car after an accident. If you need help, comment below or reach out directly through our website so we can answer any questions you have! We are happy to be of assistance when it comes to navigating this frustrating situation.

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