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10 Steps to Claim Insurance for Kia Picante: The Ultimate Guide

This article has been created as a guide for those unfortunate drivers who have recently suffered the sudden brake failure of their Kia Picante, resulting in an accident. The steps listed here will be sure to help you through your claim, from beginning to end.

Step 1: Gather evidence and documentation

The first step is to gather any and all evidence you can find. This includes photos of the damage, receipts for repairs or replacement parts, police reports, and quotes from repair shops. If you were in an accident that caused this damage, go as far as getting a copy of the police report. It will be helpful in the long run.

Step 2: Submit your claim to Kia Motors America

It is best to go through Kia directly as this will help you avoid any issues or hassles with your insurance company. Once you have all the evidence and documentation ready, contact a customer service representative from Kia Motors.

Step 3: The insurance rep will send you a claim form

The representative from Kia should mail out a claim form to your address on file. This is an important document that needs to be filled out within three days of receiving it. However, the sooner you fill it out and send it back, the better.

Step 4: Provide them with your information

The insurance company will need contact information of the registered owner of the vehicle, as well as license plate number, make of car, model of car, year of manufacture, mileage at time damage was done, and more. They will also ask for proof that you own the Kia Picante.

Step 5: Receive a damage estimate from Kia Motors

Once the claim form is sent back to the insurance company, they will contact Kia for a price quote. This should not take more than a week or two to receive. If you need a copy of a police report or any other documentation while this is happening, ensure you get in contact with the insurance company and let them know. They will help you get the documents you need.

Step 6: Receive a check from your insurance company

Once Kia has provided a price quote, it is sent to your insurance company who will then give you a check for the cost of the repairs or replacement parts. If you need help with the paperwork, be sure to let them know and they will assist you.

Step 7: Take your vehicle to a Kia Motors approved body shop

Take the vehicle to a Kia Motors Approved Body Shop for any needed repairs. Be sure to take all documentation from the insurance company as well as your own so that everything will be taken care of.

Step 8: You will receive a call after the repairs are done

Receive a phone call to go over the damage and get approval before handing your car back over. This is just to ensure everything was completed properly and you do not have any issues with it. If there are any problems, let them know so they can be taken care of.

Step 9: Receive a second check from your insurance company

Only if you are using your own auto insurance policy will you have to do this step. If it is covered under the Kia Motors factory warranty or an extended warranty, this should not be necessary. When calling your insurance company to ask for this, you should have your claim number from earlier, the license plate number for the car, and the mileage it had before the damage was done. They will then get a quote from Kia Motors and get back to you with a check in the mail.

Step 10: Keep your documentation safe

It is important to keep all of this documentation together in a safe place. This should include any receipts for repairs or replacement parts, the insurance company’s claim form, pictures of the damage taken before repairs are done, and your estimate from Kia Motors. If you have to make an insurance claim in the future, these documents will be extremely helpful in making sure everything goes smoothly.

How do I submit my claim to Kia Motors America?

You should contact a customer service representative at Kia Motors directly.

How long will it take for me to receive a quote from Kia Motors?

It depends on the time of year and demand for replacement parts, but should not be longer than a week or two. 

Will the insurance company contact me by phone?

Yes, they will call you to go over all damage documentation and to make sure everything was done properly. If there are any issues with the vehicle or process, they can be taken care of during this time.

What information will the insurance company need in order to process my claim?

Contact information for the owner of the vehicle, make and model, license plate number, year of manufacture, mileage, any other information that may be relevant, and proof of ownership.

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