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10 Simple steps to insurance for Grand tourer

When you take your new Grand Tourer out for a spin, you want to be able to enjoy it and every detail of the car – including all those tiny bits and pieces that make everything work. The last thing you’d want is to find out after buying and insuring the vehicle that certain parts aren’t covered by insurance.

That’s why you need to remember these ten simple steps before buying the perfect Grand Tourer. We’ve also included a few bits of advice on how to look after your new-found treasure, so be sure to read it all if you want to protect your precious Grand Tourer.

1)  Type of vehicle

The first thing you need to do is work out what kind of Grand Tourer you own. Take a look at the V5C documentation – this should include information about whether it’s a Car, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) or MC (Motorcycle). This will help your insurance company understand what you’re insuring and what kinds of risks come with your vehicle.

2)  What’s it worth?

Your second task is to find the exact value of your Grand Tourer. For example, if you lend or rent out your car, how will you be able to prove the value should anything happen to it? If you own a classic Grand Tourer, you’ll need to prove it’s worth more than £500. If you’re covered for classic car insurance, then the same rules apply.

3)  Age of Grand Tourer

Did you know that most insurers won’t insure a vehicle that is younger than one year? This doesn’t mean your Grand Tourer will be instantly written off after one year – it simply means you’ll need to make sure you’re insuring the right type of car, and the most appropriate level of insurance.

4)  Postcode

Where do you live? Your Grand Tourer will be driven on public roads, so where you park it at night is very important. If your Grand Tourer is parked in a high risk area, your insurance costs could go up. Work out which areas you’re driving through and be mindful of this when deciding where to park it overnight.

5)  Number of drivers

Your Grand Tourer is going to need insured with at least two drivers – but you can add more if you want to. In fact, adding a named driver can help you to get cheaper insurance. This might be your Grand Tourer-obsessed friend who is capable of keeping it in mint condition – and they won’t mind being listed as a driver in case anything happens to it!

6)  Number of years on the road

How old is your Grand Tourer? If it’s brand new, you’ll need to make sure you buy the right type of insurance. This is because some insurers will ask for an MOT certificate to prove it has passed its safety tests – and if your Grand Tourer doesn’t yet have one, then this can affect its value.

7)  Vehicle usage

What’s your Grand Tourer used for? Is it just to drive on weekends, or do you use it every day? Using your Grand Tourer for business purposes will affect the insurance quotes you receive – so make sure you let your insurer know.

8)  Vehicle modifications

If you’ve got any fancy modifications on your Grand Tourer, make sure they’re in the paperwork when you buy your car. If a modification isn’t listed, it’s going to affect the amount of cover you receive – and if any modifications aren’t fitted properly, they may not be covered by insurance at all.

9)  Optional extras

If you’ve got any optional extras on your Grand Tourer – like alloy wheels, metallic paint or any other gadgets – let your insurer know about them. Don’t forget to include personalised number plates, too! If you don’t, the insurance company might not pay out if anything happens to these items.

10)  Fuel type

You’ve finally decided on the perfect Grand Tourer for you – but did it run on diesel, petrol or gas? If you’ve got a Grand Tourer that runs on a different type of fuel to the typical options, make sure you contact your insurer before arranging your policy – otherwise, they might not provide cover.

How do I know how much my Grand Tourer is worth?

Typically, this will be either its list price or the amount you paid for it. Either way, it’s best to get a written estimate from your dealer as proof of purchase.

I’ve had my Grand Tourer for a while now – why is it suddenly so expensive?

There’s no reason to worry if your Grand Tourer suddenly looks a lot more expensive! This is because the value of your car will drop as it gets older. But don’t forget to re-insure your Grand Tourer regularly, or you might find yourself without cover when something goes wrong.

How much will I need to pay for insurance?

Insurance costs vary depending on a number of factors – including postcode, the number of drivers and optional extras. If you’re at all unsure about how much insurance will cost, call us and we’ll help answer your questions.

How can I keep my Grand Tourer in mint condition?

Think about how often you’re going to be driving it. If you can, try to limit your mileage by leaving your Grand Tourer in the garage when you’re not using it – particularly during winter months! Think about parking under cover, too.

What if someone else drives my Grand Tourer?

Make sure you declare any named drivers who will be driving your car regularly. If you’ve borrowed a drive from a friend or rent out your Grand Tourer, make sure you contact them and get a copy of their insurance documents.

As A Result

I hope these 10 tips help you find the right insurance for your Grand tourer. Comment below with any thoughts or questions about this post, and share it if you found it useful!

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