10 Reasons to Get Insurance for Kia Picante Car Yes Ensure

10 Reasons to Get Insurance for Kia Picante Car

We all know that there are plenty of articles and blogs that provide information about buying a new car. However, we rarely come across an article that provides insurance coverage for the new Kia Picanto car. 

With this in mind, we want to showcase 10 Reasons why getting an Insurance for Kia Picanto is a good idea.

Let’s begin with the first Reason: 

1. Car Insurance is mandatory by law!

When purchasing your new car, it is important to know that you cannot drive it unless you have insurance coverage. You can be held liable for injured people or damage caused to other people’s property due to an accident if you do not purchase an insurance policy.

Additionally, you should know that if your car does not have an Insurance Policy and you are caught by the police for violating this law, then it may result in a large fine or even confiscation of your car!

Driving without Car Insurance is considered as a crime across all states in America. We advise first time Kia Picanto owners to purchase a new car insurance policy.

2. You can save up to $500 by purchasing an Insurance Policy for your Car!

You may be asking: “How is this possible?” Well, it is simple: by having a required minimum amount of coverage on your car, you will receive discounts on your car insurance policy.

3. You can choose your deductible and deductibles will affect the overall cost of the policy!

Deductible is a pre-determined amount that you pay before insurance coverage on an event takes effect. 

For example: if your deductible is $100 and your car is damaged, then you only need to pay $100 and the insurance company will pay the remaining cost of your damages.

4. By choosing a higher deductible you can save money on your car insurance policy!

In order to increase your savings, we advise that you choose a higher deductible when signing up for car insurance coverage! A deductible of $500 will definitely help reduce the total amount you need to pay at the end of the year.

5. You can increase and decrease your coverage anywhere and anytime!

Most insurance companies allow their customers to change their policy as soon as they want. Therefore, you should always ask about your current policy’s limit for each type of damage so that you can increase or decrease it as you wish.

6. You can choose how much you are willing to pay for collision coverage monthly!

Most insurance companies have the option to pay yearly or monthly for car damages. We advise that you choose a monthly payment in order to help you save more money on your policy.

7. The total amount of damage in an accident is calculated automatically!

As soon as you sign up for a policy and get into an accident, the insurance company will calculate all damages and send you a check within that same week! This is not to mention that your car repairs only take 2 days maximum.

8. Your car must be paid off before getting Insurance Coverage!

If you still owe money to the bank/finance company for your new Kia Picanto, you must first pay it off before getting coverage on your car. If not, the insurance company will cancel the policy due to unpaid loans.

9. You can choose your own deductible on Theft Protection!

When it comes time to pay for theft protection, you only need to pay a deductible of $250 or you can choose to not have a deductible at all.

You can be rest assured that your car will be covered for any theft damages caused to it as long as you pay the insurance company for this type of coverage!

10. Your premium is based on many factors but age does not play a role in the equation!

Yes, it is true that your age does not have an effect on the amount of money you will need to pay at the end of the year for your car insurance policy. However, once you reach a certain age group, some insurance companies can increase your savings by offering special discounts!

Is Car Insurance mandatory?

Yes, it is! You may be fined up to $500 if you are caught driving without an Insurance Policy. All states in America require drivers to have at least a minimum amount of coverage on their car in order for the vehicle to be legal.

What are the available coverage types for my car?

If you are wondering what types of coverage are available for your car, here they are below! The four most popular coverage options are Comprehensive Coverage, Collision Coverage, Property Damage Liability Coverage and Uninsured Motorist Protection. However, there is much more available to you as well.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money you will need to pay in case of an accident or stolen car. An example would be $300, meaning that if your car gets damaged for less than $300, you do not have to worry about paying anything at all. If the damages exceed $300, then this is when your deductible comes into place.

How do I find out how much coverage I need to purchase in order to stay legal?

You can contact your insurance agent or company in order to find out how much coverage you need on your car. Your agent will be able to tell you exactly the amount of money that you need to pay at the end of each year in order for your car to stay legal on the road.

How much money can I save by purchasing an Insurance Policy for my Car?

You can save up to $500 by purchasing a car insurance policy. It is quite simple really, the more coverage you have on your car, the more money you will receive back at the end of each year.

By And By

Well, that concludes our list of reasons to get insurance for your Kia Picante. What are the 10 things you think we left off? We want to hear from you! Comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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