10 Reasons for Buying Insurance on your Convertible Car

10 Reasons for Buying Insurance on your Convertible Car

If you are thinking about buying a convertible car, you should also be thinking about purchasing insurance for it. Convertible cars can cost more to insure than other types of cars because their soft tops and hardtops make them significantly more expensive to repair and replace.

This is why we recommend that all those who own convertibles purchase liability coverage as well as collision and comprehensive coverages. The following 10 reasons will help convince you that getting the right insurance for your convertible car is essential!

1. Convertible cars are more expensive to repair.

When it comes to repairing or replacing damage that has been done to your convertible, you will notice a big difference when compared with an ordinary car. Soft tops and hardtops can be very difficult and time-consuming to fix; this is why they have a high replacement cost. On some models, the replacement cost for either of these parts can total more than $4,000.

2. Convertible tops are fragile and expensive.

Soft tops are expensive to replace, while hardtops require special equipment to remove or put on. Soft tops are often made of vinyl, which means that they do not stand up well against the elements; this results in cracks, tears and discoloration. While this can look bad, it is nothing compared with the potential for disaster that lies in the actual fabric of the top!

3. You will lose your convertible car’s warranty coverage if you do not have liability insurance.

Canada has strict laws when it comes to vehicle warranties. If you own a vehicle that is under warranty, you are required by law to maintain your vehicle. This means that you must ensure that all of your vehicle’s necessary services are carried out according to the terms of your warranty. If you fail to do this, then your car manufacturer can void all coverage for any damage or repairs made on your convertible.

4. Convertible cars cost a lot to insure.

According to one major insurer, convertible cars can be up to 30 percent more expensive to insure than regular vehicles because their repairs and replacement costs are so high. In fact, this same company has found that 50 percent of all convertible claims come from damage that was done during the winter months, which just goes to show that soft top convertibles are more vulnerable to the elements.

5. You never know when an accident might happen!

It is important to note that insuring your convertible does not only apply during periods of inclement weather or on slippery roads; driving a convertible during ordinary conditions can also pose significant challenges and dangers. Road debris, rocks kicked up by passing vehicles and even falling tree branches can cause accidents that result in property damage, personal injury or worse.

6. Low ceilings are a safety hazard for all convertible drivers.

Cars with low headroom have been proven to be less safe than vehicles with roofs. The same study found that the potential for spinal compression is more likely during a crash in a vehicle with a low ceiling. This is due to the fact that soft top convertibles do not have as much space between the occupants and their roof as hardtop vehicles do.

7. Convertible cars are more likely to be stolen because they can easily be broken into.

Because convertible cars have soft tops, thieves can pop the locks and break into them with relative ease. By comparison, a hardtop car is much more secure and requires tools to gain entry; this makes stealing a car equipped with one less appealing for thieves. If you want to keep your convertible safe from theft, be sure to invest in security features like anti-theft devices and tracking systems, as well as a sturdy steering wheel lock.

8. Convertible cars often carry more than one person and tend to be driven faster, which makes them more likely to get into accidents!

On top of that, children and smaller adults are less likely to properly buckle up in convertibles because they need help from an adult to do so; this puts them at greater risk.

9. No one will want to ‘go for a ride’ in your car if you do not have insurance on it!

It is important to remember that you must insure your convertible before driving it; otherwise, the fines and penalties can be very high (upwards of $1,500 depending on which province or territory you live in).

10. Convertible cars are expensive to maintain and repair, which makes it even more important to have insurance!

Because convertible cars are open air vehicles that do not have the same confines as regular automobiles, they can be quite challenging (and costly) to fix if something goes wrong. For example, replacing a convertible car’s roof could cost as much as $8,000! In light of this information, it should come as no surprise that insuring your convertible car is so important.”

What can I do to ensure my convertible is properly insured?

You may need to pay a little more than you would for a hardtop car, but it’s quite important.

What can I do to ensure my convertible is properly insured?

You may need to pay a little more than you would for a hardtop car, but it’s quite important.

What happens if I don’t have insurance on my convertible car?

It is illegal to drive without it, and you can face substantial fines! In addition, you won’t be covered if an accident occurs.

What should I do if an accident occurs?

Remain calm and do not admit fault to the other party. You should also exchange insurance information with them.

Why is it important to keep children safe when driving a convertible?

They are more likely to fall out of cars equipped with tops that do not have the same safety features as roofs, which can lead to injuries.

What additional benefits does my insurance provide if I have a convertible car?

It will cover body damage and injury caused by road debris, rocks kicked up by passing vehicles and falling tree branches.

Is it important to invest in security features for convertible cars?

Yes, because they are easier to steal and break into than regular cars.

What should I know about purchasing insurance on convertibles in Canada?

They are typically 30 percent more expensive and 50 percent of claims come during winter.

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